Become Part of a Dynamic Team.

Dynamic Transport is looking for CDL-A and Non-CDL owner operators who drive ¾-ton and 1-ton trucks and deliver 5th wheels and travel trailers from manufacturers to dealers across the USA and Canada. Apply now to join Dynamic Transport and get in at the Ground Level.


  • Competitive contractor pay per mile
  • 50% advance on your runs
  • Non-forced dispatch
  • Reload options available based on location
  • Great Home time with the ability to make your own schedule
  • Secure lot for overnight parking
  • Fuel discounts 
  • Passenger policy
  • Lodging discounts

Truck Requirements

Ownership: Truck can be owned, financed or leased.
Registration: A copy of current year active registration required.
Registration Weight: The truck plate must be sufficient to legalize a combination of truck and trailer up to 26,000lbs. Dynamic recommends the equivalent of an IN 26k lbs. truck plate but no more than 26k lbs.
Scale Ticket: Driver must have a recent scale ticket with truck and trailer with 2 full tanks to be presented at orientation.
Truck Inspection: DOT long form inspection required. Can be done at local vendor if needed.

Inspections are available at the following Elkhart County Locations when you come for orientation (please contact them directly for appointments):



  • Owner Operator (with ¾ or 1-ton pickup truck)
  • At least 23 years of age or older
  • Professional demeanor
  • Clean MVR
  • DOT physical and medical card
  • Proper driver’s license based on state requirements
  • 6 months OTR experience pulling a 30ft or longer trailer, within the last 3 years


* Must be obtained and/or installed before orientation begins

  • Commercial rated 10-ply tires, Load Range E. (Passenger tires or 8-ply are not acceptable)
  • Exterior towing mirrors (extendable or extensions)
  • Window tint or darkening film on the windshield or front seat door windows below 70% transparency of the built-in factory glass tint must be removed. (Federal Regulation)     
  • Electric Trailer Brake Control built into the dashboard or aftermarket secured near the driver controls
  • No items (tool boxes, fuel tanks, etc.) protruding above bed height with 5th wheel equipped trucks 
  • Truck Bed height measured behind the rear tires must not exceed 59”, no suspension lift kits allowed, airbags are acceptable, if operational
  • Loose items on a flatbed or in an open truck bed must be firmly secured if the bed is not covered
  • Mud Flaps attached firmly to both rear tire wells
  • Rubber Mud Flap the width of the rear bumper to protect the front of the trailers, and mounted no less than 4” from touching the ground to allow for truck squatting  
  • 5 B:C UL rated Fire Extinguisher with gauge securely mounted with screws in the cab or bed
  • 2 Ball Sizes: a 2-5/16” rated at 10,000 pounds minimum, the ball height must be between 20” and 22”, and a 2” rated at 6,000 pounds minimum, the ball height must be between 18” and 26”.  Height is measured from the ground to the highest point of the ball or the top flat surface of the ball.
  • “D” Ring or Threaded Chain Link to attach the travel trailer or 5th wheel trailer breakaway cable to a secure part that is directly connected to the truck (rear receiver, 5th wheel frame rails, etc). 
  • ¼” Diameter Long Shackle Padlock to secure trailer coupler to the truck ball hitch.
  • 20K minimum rated 5th wheel hitch optional, a sliding 5th wheel hitch is required for a truck bed shorter than 8’.  A truck without an installed 5th wheel hitch will reduce the number of available dispatches
  • Emergency Warning Devices consisting of either 3 triangles that are bidirectional (reflective on both sides), or three 60 minute liquid-burning flares, or six 30 minute liquid-burning fusees
  • Spare Fuses, 5-30 amp assortment of the see-thru mini multi-color silver blade style  
  • Deep Cycle Marine Battery for trailer breakaway system, and Battery Case with removable cover 
  • Ratchet Strap to secure Deep Cycle Marine Battery Case to travel trailer frame
  • ½” Drive Torque Wrench rated at 125 foot pounds to tighten trailer lug nuts to 100 foot pounds
  • ½” Drive Standard Sockets (3/4”, 13/16”, and 7/8”), same size in Deep Wall for 5th wheel trailers lugs
  • Load Distribution Bars rated at 1,000 pounds minimum for towing travel trailers

How do I outfit my truck with all the required equipment?

Dynamic is conveniently located in the capital of the RV manufacturing world. As a result, there are many qualified vendors in the area to help with your equipment needs. You may outfit your truck wherever you wish, but we offer the following vendors as options for you to shop pricing and service: